Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this site and community safe?

A. We do our absolute best to see that it is. Ashla Knights faculty, administration and moderation teams are academy graduates dedicated to the ideals and standards of Ashla Knights. They are bound to the highest level of responsibility, integrity, accountability and transparency when in management of site, community operations and member interaction. They are steadfast in their commitment to maintaining a respectful, mature and safe online environment and experience for all members. (Please See Site Rules).

Q. How do I go about applying or registering enrollment in the Academy?

A. Ashla Knights maintains an open, and free of charge admissions policy. Members interested in enrollment can download an Ashla Knights Application for Academy Enrollment from the download section on our website. Please complete, scan and email your application to: and in the subject line please write: Application for Academy Enrollment: and your Ashla Knights Screen Name.

* NOTE: Providing information that is misleading about your age (or any other material about yourself) to gain immediate approval and entry into the academy is a breach of the academic honor code. (See Academic Honor Code).

All information is kept private and confidential!

Q. How will I know I have been accepted?

A. After careful consideration, approved or denied you will receive a reply email thanking you for your statement of intent indicating your enrollment disposition and providing the name of the instructor that will be working with you if approved.

Q. If denied enrollment in the academy, can I still be a member of the site?

A. Yes.

Q. Is the Academy really free of charge?

A. Yes. Membership, academy enrollment and community participation is free of charge.

Q. Do I have to be a certain age, religion, race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation to join the site community or academic student body? What if I have a disability?

A. Members must be 17 years of age to be eligible for academy enrollment. For general site membership and participation, Ashla Knights maintains an open membership policy regardless of age, race, gender or sex. Members under the age of 17 years of age seeking academy enrollment must provide proof of parental or guardian consent. This will require both a audio/video net conference and a signed authorization.

Q. I am a member of a site community that has a policy of direct master to apprentice training. Do you have that policy here? Can I request a master or instructor to train me privately?

A. Ashla Knights does not practice nor permit an official, one on one, long-term master to apprentice relationship of any kind. Members that join the site with their master and interact on site as such are free to do so. Ashla Knights Masters and Instructors do not accept apprentices for direct training so please do not ask. The Order of Ashla Knights assumes no responsibility for the behavior and actions of members that meet on site and decide to establish a relationship for this practice off site.

Q. Are there exceptions to this?

A. If you are a member, residing outside the United States with limited English background and a member that is bi-lingual has offered to help you with the lectures and the assignments be they an instructor, master, member or fellow student, this could be cause for consideration.

Q. I am a perspective student but my relative or partner is an instructor here at Ashla Knights and I would feel more at ease working him or her; can I request a special consideration be granted here?

A. No, familial and/or romantic relationships provide no cause or exception to practice a master to apprentice relationship at Ashla Knights.

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