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The philosophical and spiritual nature of our online community content attracts like-minded members from various religious and faith based disciplines for discussion and exploration such as those from the on and off-line Jedi communities. The Order of Ashla Knights is in no way associated with Lucas Film Ltd., or any element of its Star Wars Franchise (all trademarks and copyrights reserved by Lucas Film Ltd.) All Star Wars related images, characters, names and titles (notably Sith, Sith Lord, Dark Lord of the Sith, Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Padawan Learner, Jedi Padawan Learner and Darth) are the property of Lucas Film Ltd., and are protected under U.S., and international trademark and copyright laws. Ashla Knights administration and/or staff members are strictly prohibited from using Star Wars images, names and titles for their personal avatars or screen-names. Members are encouraged to avoid using a Star Wars related image, name and title unless they have the expressed written permission of Lucas Film Ltd.

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