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May 16, 2011

One Evening of Light

Filed under: Infinity in Finite; Finite in Infinity — neo @ 7:47 pm

The sky so grey and magnificent, covered in smooth yet massive clouds.

The sun like a mystical source of bright illumination.

The air so brilliant.

The trees so green and majestic.

Breath of life so fresh.

This is the gift of purifying rain.

Thank you for healing, sun.

Thank you for your healing, air.

Thank you for your healing, trees.

Thank you for your inspiration and blessing, world.

Thank you Mother Earth.

Thank you Father Sun.

April 19, 2011

Social Revolutions or Hidden Conquest

Filed under: Tears of Mother Earth — neo @ 7:24 pm

Humanity, which is led by power hungry, selfish yet conscious and strong few leaders and innumerable weak and unrefined casual people is unable to solve it’s problems. Not only that, it is an easy prey for fake prophets and charlatans who provide masses the means to transform their lives for the better. Some offer total absurdity and gain few harmless followers unable to see through their lies. Others but are more cleaver.

I have had a very enlightening and positive experience being part of Raelian Movement. A cult based on science, love and knowledge that we were created by Extra Terrestrials.  After 6-7 years I learned the horrible truth about what this movement really is about.

It is hard to pierce the lies of Rael, their prophet. He has crafted a very clever scheme to fool people.

Firstly he offers you a message about peace, science, self fulfillment and love. He presents it as the ultimate truth. Years later you find that all his knowledge is simply pieces sewn together from philosophies and religions from around the world. He offers nothing new. On top of that he claims as ultimate truth widely popular prejudices and misconceptions of past and present scientific community.

For example, he is not crazy to have met an extra terrestrial and for seeing their vessels. Yet he calls those who see little grey men coming to their home as mentally ill, like officials do. Any study undertaken by officials on phenomena of UFO’s reveals that all conclusions are obvious propaganda and slogans. Those conclusions show that there is lack of interest to truly study the matter, or how for ethical or whatever reasons they do not wish to officially pronounce anything. Find the big studies of UFO cases and see for yourself how ludicrous are the official conclusions about some of with so many witnesses and other evidence.

30 years ago anyone who saw UFO or met a little grey people was considered automatically mentally ill. Somehow Rael thinks this superficial conclusion does not apply to him.

There are other cracks like that in his message which he presents as the message from extra terrestrials. Times have changed and now we can see holes in his message that are the holes of 30 years old scientific hubris.

That is just the beginning. He at one hand tells you to be free individual and not follow him. On the other hand he says his followers to not trust in themselves but take his books and trust the message in them over themselves.

That level of brainwashing is only possible over years of playing on peoples hopes and expectations. Giving them cookies and threatening with whip, so to speak, is part of his brainwashing. The philosophy about better understanding of the self, skill to be happy and the rest is the cookie. The whip is ominous and low keyed threat that we should not judge our extra terrestrial creators and their message. Those who our creators deem worthy go to paradise like planet, others will be forgotten and some will be tortured for eternity for their crimes. That’s really sick yet effective method of motivating his followers to listen to him rather than doubt him. He encourages doubt in his presented message. Yet at the same time says we can not trust ourselves, we can only trust the message for the ultimate goodness, truth and justice. That’s a lot of haggle.

Once people are presented with working self help philosophy, they become awed. it works so he must be telling the truth. Then his followers learn to fear and not question his message.

With people well prepared he as if casually happens to spout out hints like “raelians should become involved in politics.”

Nothing seems suspicious for people treated with candy and whip. Questioning his good will and considering your critical thinking to be above his presented message is unthinkable. Easy to say “be free to doubt me” when you have reigned people in with such psychological maneuvers and tricks.

Such movement is of most critical threat to humanity. Because society in general has nothing comparable in regards of philosophy that would help people to live as strong and happy individuals. He leads his sheep quietly, they will just do his bidding voluntarily. This is no organized movement seeking to dominate humanity. It just seeks to lead the way for whole humanity seemingly with best intentions. It states to be peaceful and it does nothing like foreign malignant spies would do. Rael simply just conditions, prods, leads and mildly brainwashes people to think what they do is for the best of all. Very clever tactics. Almost infallible where it not for the holes in what he presents as scientific facts from civilization far more advanced than us.

Rael is spouting repeatedly slogans of how “modern people will soon be like dinosaurs”. He knows that humanity has no widely available and functional philosophy meant for common people to aid them in leading far more better and independent lives. He knows that people living by ages old world view will loose their political power once hes followers step in and present all the goodness anyone could ever wish. Were current powers to intervene to keep people ignorant and hapless then the more people he would win over.

He has developed a political system and is urging his members to try to apply it. Something about people only with certain level of IQ to be allowed to rule. But his idea of IQ appears to be at times 30 years old scientific opinion, at other times something that only recently has been discovered. Again he presents it as message from more advanced extra terrestrials.

This world needs more messengers of peace and consciousness who’d show people how to be happy and satisfied individuals who do not depend on leaders. Only then will there be hope that the plans of madmen like Rael will not leave their ugly and selfish mark on humanity.

Current political powers should seriously consider this. Since their rule is based on disorganized, unsatisfied, lost people. Would some charlatan come forth and help people to be free and happy, everything would eventually change. That change is slowly grinding itself toward it’s completion.

Will Rael and other lunatics like him succeed in deluding people and dominating our destiny for their egomaniac reasons or will a light of truth and hope save humanity from the likes of him? Selfish rulers who lead by keeping masses ignorant and docile are sure to be bound to fail and loose. Must humanity’s future be decided by power hungry or madmen only? In the end it is highly unlikely that either camp wins. Clear truth and freedom will be the pillars of the coming civilization…. I hope so.

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