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September 2, 2013

(Recent) Medical Emergency: Master Thompson

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intelligenceOn August 20th, 2013 while at work, I was in a serious motorcycle accident. So serious I was med-flighted to Tufts Medical in Boston MA with what was at the time: life-threatening injuries. Upon arrival, I was immediately prepped for surgery to stabilize injuries sustained such as multiple fractures to my skull, trauma to my eye and a shattered eye-socket, bruising and swelling to areas of my brain. After 3 days of post-operative observation I was allowed to go home recover. I was scheduled to return to Tufts on the following Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 for corrective surgery. After 1 day of post-operative observation I was allowed to return home to recover…to which I have done so considerably. My recovery thus far has been swift and (so far) with no permanent damage. My eye socket has been repaired and reinforced. The fractures to my skull repaired, the bruising and swelling to my brain has subsided and the vision in my right eye is slowly returning.

I’m sharing this development to make the community aware of what has happened so those of you who do check in to the Ashla Knights site you know where I’ve been and for those of you have been trying to call and text me, you understand why I haven’t returned your call or replied. The Daoine Sith website has not missed a beat, it’s coming along just fine and should be ready for a September launch:  When it’s ready I will send out a mass email through the Ashla Knights site, the Ashla Knights & Daoine Sith facebook, twitter, myspace accounts & the KOA website. Principle photography and filming for the Saber Flow DVD was completely weeks ago but editing and post production is temporarily on hold for obvious reasons.

In closing, please don’t worry, I’m fine now. I had some of the most amazing trauma specialist in Boston working on me and they’ve done an amazing job putting me back together and besides some scaring, I should be good as new. In addition, I have to say that I have absolutely no words to describe the immeasurable support shown to me by way of my family and friends. There are way too many of you to thank here and now, but you know how you are and I’m quite if I already haven’t, I’ll be thank you very soon.

With that, I thank you so very much for your time and consideration.

Derek M. Thompson
Ashla Knights

May 6, 2013

Chaos & Disorder…Why They Are Essential To The Path Of Light.

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MT100The following was reposted in reply to a forum topic titled, “Chaos and Disorder: Why We Need Them
By Larry Dossey, MD”

How relative to the Ashla Philosophy, Practice & Path is the above topic? I’d say quite relative. Chaos, disorder and darkness are not simple notions that represent the opposite point of view, nor are the mere aspects that describe the alternative, they are crucial dynamics essential for balance and/or harmony.

Harmony, both as a state of mind and a condition of being for those of us who walk paths of light strive to attain, (overtime and mainly due to so much overlapping information, conflicting points of view and misunderstanding) often mistakenly associate harmony as a state of bliss and constant wellbeing when harmony is nothing of the sort. The word harmony comes from the Greek and means “joint”. It is described as “a pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”. In other words, harmony is a state of mind and/or a condition of wellbeing that can be achieved when one has reconciled two parts, or aspects of a whole to achieve a “pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”. For the sake of this topic; these parts being light and the dark, good and evil, right and wrong, destruction and creation, chaos and order.

A core tenet of our philosophy is that we recognize darkness, chaos, destruction, evil and also the character aspects and emotional by-products associated with such constructs as necessary parts of the whole because without them, there is no balance and thus, no harmonious state of being to aspire. For an Ashla Knight this fundamental truth is essential for a Knight’s ideological learning, philosophical development and spiritual reconciliation…and I would boldly state that any tenet or philosophy of Light attempting to avoid or side-step this truth by way of teaching students to live in a constant state of (mis)defined harmony and bliss is not only doing their students an ideological disservice, but is damaging them as human beings. Darkness and light, good and evil, right and wrong, chaos and order are not only “joints” that comprise the templates of character, facets of social paradigms and discourses of geopolitical dynamics, they are elements in the cosmic elixir that delineate all things from the micro to macro in our universe by keeping existence non-static.

Rejecting this synergy is why “happy teachings”, taught by “happy people” at “happy camps” do not work, for it is an unreasonable expectation to achieve as existence is not…never was and never will be in a “happy” static state. Darkness, disorder, chaos and evil (by way of both physical and emotional response) force individuals to recognize, accept, adapt, perform and achieve. All while taking a moment to internalize the accomplishment of having triumphed over adversity while he or she reconciles the experience as lessons learned that will help them prepare for the next evolution of challenges that are certainly on the horizon. Nothing in existence is at a state of “constant happiness” so why would anything in our lives be? Life is about the “moments”. The moment of a realization of insight and understanding, a moment of development and progress, a moment of happiness and elation, a moment of feel good bliss and ecstasy, a stolen, private moment, a mischievous moment and so on. All these moments culminate into a non-static, memorable and fulfilled life.

When we try to live a perfectly blissful static life we struggle more and suffer greatly because we are failing to recognize a fundamental not just in the way we live but in the universe. The older we get the worse it becomes for we become physically, mentally, philosophically and/or ideologically sedimentary, or “set in our ways”. This is in my opinion, is a primary reason the Sith were able to actualize their revenge on the Jedi and reclaim galactic power. The Jedi Order…due to overlapping, confusion and conflicting teachings of attainment of a false characterization of both a harmonious state of being and spiritual balance in large part due to the Order’s 900 year old Grand Master who had become “rigid, fixed and in varying”, in other words, “set in his ways”, had become philosophically lethargic and thus grown spiritually complacent and in many ways, emotionally apathic. Yoda’s neophobia, his fear change and things new had come to shape a state of static existence incubated by a centuries of perceived harmony and peace, which to the Jedi…was the absence of tyranny defined by the oppression of the Sith. Darkness, chaos, wrong, injustice and destruction was rampant in the galaxy, but as long as it wasn’t Force assisted and/or induced Darkness, chaos, wrong, injustice and destruction then all was fine. Philosophical lethargy begets philosophical apathy. By failing to take the darkness, chaos, injustice and evil on the micro (or creation) level as serious as that of the macro (or cosmic) level, by ignoring the emotional derivatives innate in all sentient living beings essential for individual growth and development, they convinced themselves into believing they had eradicated the “great evil”, therefore allowing the Sith to trick the Jedi leadership and usurp their dominance.

Ashla Knights must recognize darkness, chaos, destruction and evil as constructs interwoven in the eternal fabric of existence and they must reconcile the emotional by-products of these constructs as essential to their ideological, philosophical and spiritual growth and development. They must face them and conquer them not once and for all, but again and again…over and over.

I said “recognize and reconcile”, not accept and proliferate”… there is a difference.

Acceptance is not only the complete giving over ones self to darkness, chaos and evil, but it is also the reject these notions and allowance of philosophical lethargy and spiritual apathy to lull you into complacent, static state of being. In my opinion this is worse than freely giving yourself to the Dark Side. In ignoring Darkness and evil while proclaiming your allegiance to the Light and all that is righteous and just, you become a philosophical sickness that infects others who in-turn, affect others and the malignancy spreads on and on. Though preaching and teaching you provide Darkness and evil with allies and agents whom at any time, without their knowing and understanding could be called upon and/or conscripted to do battle against the forces of Light. By not getting involved, by neglecting to act, by choosing to ignore, by striving for a static existence…you become a conspirator in Darkness, and a consort to evil and personified by statements such as “only a Sith deals in absolutes”, you without realizing it, have come full circle in becoming the very thing you swore to stand against.

July 23, 2012

…Then Jesus Wept.

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They told him, “Lord, come and see.” Then Jesus wept. The people who were standing nearby said, “See how much he loved him!” But some said, “This man healed a blind man. Couldn’t he have kept Lazarus from dying?”

“Jesus Wept”, a phrase famous for being the shortest in the King James Version of the Bible strikes me as possibly being in direct conflict with a personification of a Divine nature. If you click the phrase link above and read the context in which the phrase is made…for me, several questions arise. Before I get into those, let’s approach this from a philosophical point of view.

Jesus after all was a human being with real feelings sensitive to emotional and physiological stimuli. This would be in line with what is discussed in our academy, which goes to transcendence of cosmic systems and processes or in this case, a Divine Nature and/or a Celestial Essence from one reality to another. When a cosmic system of process inceptive of the highest plane and beholden to few rules or laws transcends from a the cosmic, to a realm there rules and laws govern existence such as creation and the domain of the living, the nature or essence of that system or process remains…yet is shaped and molded so it can exist and thrive as a tangible construct. The essence of the Divine remains intact but is subject to the rules and laws of the host domain.

Jesus transcends his celestial plane to exist as a human being making him now subject to the rules and laws of human physiology. My thinking is that the human personification of a Divine Nature or Celestial Essence would still be tethered to it’s original plane with access to cosmic power or celestial ability. For example; Demi-Gods, Angels, Demons, etc., existing in the realm of the living, thus subject to the rules and laws of humanity while in a tangible and/or human state, are all still capable of accessing the powers and abilities of Heaven or Hell are they not? Jesus wasn’t simply of Divine Nature, he was the son of God. Even as a human he was still tethered to the Heavens. He was able to interact with his father and access the power of Heaven to perform supernatural feats and abilities so…

…why would he weep?

(1) To reign in Heaven is what every living faithful man, woman and child strives for is it not? So, why pull someone back from eternal life? Why take them from Heaven and bring them back to the living?

(2) As I reason, Jesus is a human being and as a human being he is subject to emotion and physiological reactions of those emotions. Could compassion, rage, frustration and fatigue cause Jesus to weep and if so, which and why?

(3) Wasn’t bring Lazarus back from the dead the point, why the anger?

Why do you think Jesus wept and what does that mean to you?

May 21, 2011

Compassion Or Pragmatism?

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I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.  A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.  – D.H. Lawrence

My upstairs neighbor knocked on my door this evening while I was in the middle of preparing dinner and said that a baby bird had fallen out of the nest that had been constructed in one of the shrubs outside our apartment building.  After a moment of hesitation; trying to decide on what to say and/or do, I stuttered a bit because I was a caught off guard and said okay.  I opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out a pair of house gloves and went down stairs.

My neighbor…already outside, pointed at the baby bird which was hopping up and down frantically in the mulch due to a damaged left wing.  I watched for a moment thinking that I had never touched a living bird before and trying to reconcile the pity and fear I was feeling for this creature because it was absolutely terrified.  I told myself I had to commit to action mainly because the neighbor was watching me, but also I had to do something for it, so I stalled for an additional moment to put on the gloves and then I walked parallel to the bird’s path.  I actually had to steel myself before I reached down to scoop up the bird and not entirely because I was a bit squeamish, but mainly because I was feeling what this creature was feeling.  It saw me coming and frantically hopped away from me and I didn’t want scare it any more then it already was, so I backed off a bit.  Then I tried again and again before I actually got the bird in my hands and three thoughts danced in my mind as I walked with the bird toward the nest:

(1) I actually have a bird in my hands and this feels strange.

(2) I hope I’m not holding it too tight.

(3) I think I’m going to have to throw these gloves away.

I got to the nest and placed the bird back in it but the bird was so terrified that it hopped out the nest and landed back in the mulch.  I looked down and the bird was breathing so hard and fast that I could feel the bird’s terror and fatigue.  My neighbor spoke what I was thinking which was to let it be for a bit to which I was most thankful because this poor thing was actually breaking my heart.  She said to me that should would figure something out and then our downstairs neighbor came out and told us that the mother and the other hatch-lings left it behind when it fell out of the nest and broke it’s wing. 

For a split second I was stunned…asking myself how a mother could leave one of it’s own behind and then I realized I was assigning human notions of compassion and empathy to creatures that have none.  Yet, as I walked up the stairs back to my apartment I thought, that can’t be right because every animal in nature has compassion and empathy so it is not that they do not have any, they simply have different constructs at work.   If they didn’t, they wouldn’t care for their young at all.  The bird’s wing was broken and I believe that this is like a horse breaking it’s leg…it’s never the same.  I opened the door and walked into my apartment and thought, “the mother actually did what had to be done.  She left a child behind because in her world she knew there was nothing more she could do for it and there are other hatch-lings to consider.”  She did something  practical, she in affect…pulled the plug.  She let go of one of her own that was technically already dead. 

Was she being pragmatic or compassionate?  Or, was she being pragmatically compassionate?

March 20, 2011

A Five-Year Old, An Ant & Compassion…

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Today while doing my laundry a toy motorcycle belonging to a 5 year old boy hit my chair.  When the boy came over to get his toy I introduced myself and he reciprocated.  As we discussed the matters that weight heavy on the minds of 5 year olds, I noticed the boy (Aiden) was preoccupied with an ant on the floor.  I said, “don’t hurt him” and he replied “no I’m trying to help him, he looks lost.” 

I took out a business card I had in my pocket and helped him wrangle the ant on it and we went out side and put him in the dirt.  I said “Aiden, you saved an ant today” and he smiled and said “yeah”!  I said “this is what we call compassion; can you say that word…compassion”?  He repeated the word, “compassion” and smiled.

February 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary Ashla Knights!

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February 26th is coming up! 

At 1:27am (Eastern Standard Time), January 26th 2010, The Order of Ashla reopened its e-doors from a year long revitalization effort.  From the time of its inception, The Order of Ashla Knights was known then as The “Jedi” Order of Ashla Knights…an on-line Jedi discussion and training community.   

Once a truth th is learned it can not be unlearned.  Always allow the truth to guide your way.Ashla Knights Axiom of Light # 99

So Why the change? 

Well the change is what truly makes this anniversary Special.  You see in the months prior to the decision to renovate, refit and revitalize the Order of Ashla Knights; the myriad of trials brought forth from the many years of walking the Jedi path began to manifest an uncomfortable truth that made instructing the Jedi Way difficult for the Masters.  In our individual ways, each Master was coming to the same realization and eerily at that same time.

First: The Jedi Code is not as flexible as one has been taught to believe.  In fact it’s quite the opposite…it’s conditional and quite restrictive and absolute.  It is because of this many have had, and continue to have problems applying the Jedi Way to their daily lives.  An ideology and/or philosophy must have a core and certainties by way of tenet and doctrine to nurture that core, but those tenets and doctrine must also be flexible and free flowing so one can continue to grow and develop.

Second: Besides being conditional, restrictive and absolute, the philosophy and practice of the Jedi Way is incomplete thus making it inadequate to address the intricacies of life.  The Jedi Way is an amalgamation of aspects from several mainstream religions, idealistic constructs and philosophical disciplines.  In other words it is much like philosophical DNA that has gaps.  There is a firm structure, two strands of nucleotides and several bonds linking them, but many bonds crucial to the structure’s existence and function are missing.

Third: The word Jedi along with the Jedi code, Jedi tenet and what specific aspects of the Jedi doctrine that are know are owned and copyright protected by the movie maker who created them and made them famous in his space opera movies.  For a considerable fee, permission to use these words and terms can be attained but with conditions and restrictions and only in the realm of non-profit, non-religious fandom. 

How can one grow as an Order never- mind as individuals within a philosophical construct such as this?  Well before we answer that let’s regress a bit.  A significant yet ironic aspect that would lead to the eventual realization of the truth described above came not from the challenges of incorporating the Jedi philosophy in our daily lives, but from our duties as Jedi Way instructors. 

During the creation of Ashla Knights I realized we would be working with an incomplete philosophical construct and therefore spiritual, philosophical and ideological specifics in our doctrine would be subjective. Like the incomplete DNA example I spoke of earlier, while preserving the philosophical structure already in place, I chose to bridge the strands with bonds based in reality.  I did this by going back to many of the sources the creator of the archetype drew from and this helped solidify and sustain our core interpretation and understanding.  For our Order this worked quite well and as Jedi Instructors we were able to effectively challenge our students by provoking new insight into their current interpretations and understandings of the Jedi Way.  This along with calling attention to their passions and motivation in regards to Knighthood, many were able to arrive at an inner realization that they had either come from a faith, philosophy or ideology that was truly right for them, or from their exploration into the Jedi Way had discovered a new faith, philosophy or discipline more suited to their spiritual development and personal betterment. 

Of the numerous students who came and went over the years, a good many withdrew from our academy not out of  failure to complete the curriculum and attain Knighthood, but because through our Jedi Way curriculum they either found the right path, or discovered the True North toward the right path.  Welcoming successful students into our ranks as Knights is always a wonderful thing, but helping students find their own path even if that path is not the path of Ashla is just as wonderful.  

Yet as we helped our students see truth; little by little our students were helping us to see truth as well.  Speaking from my own experience; at first the essence of this truth was subtle, I could sense something amiss but it was almost illusive.  But due to events and happenings taking place in my life at the time, I found myself at the precipice…facing out into the far beyond with little foundation underneath me.  Back then things were happening fast but also in sequence.  Amidst events in play, we as an Order had arrived at a time and place where our potential for growth was in conflict with what we believed and practiced.  I remember feeling as if I were sitting on a bench at an empty train station trying to decide whether to ignore or reject truth’s reality and board the train that would take me back to the comfort of familiarity, or accept truth’s reality and board the train that would take me into the unknown.  After all the soul searching and the conversations with the Masters which as I mentioned previously, had revealed a consensus of insight that could not be denied or ignored.  In that moment, a Jedi maxim echoed in my mind…“we take what we are given”.  Truth had revealed its reality and we needed to accept it and move forward.  The decision to move forward which meant removing ourselves and our Order from the Jedi Way had been made and in a matter of a moment a circle had been completed, a spiritual and philosophical journey of exploration and discovery had been concluded.  Feeling both heartbroken and joyful, I sat in my chair alone and in silence as I mentally said the good-bye in that way that only tears can express.  After all the years I had studied, practiced and instructed it was at this moment the Jedi Code truly resonated with in me.

Ashla Knights has been back; standing firm upon its own philosophical foundation there is a tangible feeling of spiritual vastness that is immeasurable and unmistakable.  It is as if one is standing on the bow of a ship gazing out into a magnificent, expansive ocean.  For me, now there is a constant feeling of hopefulness that is indescribable, as if sailing this great and open spiritual sea will manifest great inner peace as I experience my dreams and wishes come to pass.

 As I reflect on the great accomplishments our Order has realized, I also take note of the unfortunate reality our departure from the Jedi Way has caused such as the considerable exodus of members and sadly, some of our Knights.  We must all follow our own paths and do what we feel is right, but I can not deny the overwhelming joy of having so many of our most senior and respect members return.  I remember the excitement of sending out the email notification that we were live and I certainly remember making the first forum post last January.  Seeing so many of our friends…really our family return and post, I admit I was overwhelmed with emotion.

While we lost many of our friends and family we/I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new personalities and interesting points of view.  Also, the release of the Jedi Way has undeniably removed much of the philosophical ambiguity, ideological pettiness and nastiness that has so prominently been the catalyst of confusion and conflict with in the on-line communities that it almost makes me wonder why it took so long for us to make this change. 

While we still have the occasional passionate debate and spirited argument and these will always remain, it just feels so good to have a deeper level of discussion with a higher quality of interaction.  I guess in summary I’m so happy and so pleased with all that has transpired in this first year of our new evolution that I want to thank you, our members for making this a wonderful place. 

You our membership is what makes this first anniversary such a special one!

November 20, 2010

Thank You!!!

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On our way to megafest in Framingham Massachusetts, we nearly lost our lives today.  Driving on the very busy and infamous highway 95/128, a man driving a very large pickup truck failed to properly latch down his flat bed cover.  He was in the middle lane ahead of us driving 75 miles an hour when his cover detached from the back of his truck and flew directly in to our car.  The cover hit the front of the car and dented the front end, then smashed the windshield in the center. 

We saw the cover hover for moments in the air before it struck our car.  Time just stopped, that’s the only way to describe it.  There was so much fear from the both of us that nothing needed to be said…we both just knew what was about to happen.  My girlfriend was driving and simply gave herself to the unavoidable future we were both seeing play out and just remained calm and steady.

The cover hit the car with such force that should have taken us off the road one way of the other. 

The windshield held, she didn’t skid nor did she cause other drivers to panic in any due to any questionable action on her part, she just remained calm and kept driving.  Me on the other hand, I wasn’t right until got to megafest and even then it too me a bit to release the many thoughts and feelings of would could have been.

We almost died today if it wasn’t for my girlfriend’s calm thinking and her quick and steady actions


November 6, 2010


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I’m having major lightsaber frustrations. No, that is not a euphemism for something phallic……real lightsaber issues.

Just needed to vent.

September 3, 2010

Which Came First; The Cosmic Chicken Or The Cosmic Egg?

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The Big Bang, or the moment the entire universe was compressed into a singularity smaller then the size of a dime from which it expanded to its current state 13.7 billion years ago, is referred to by some spiritualists as The Cosmic Egg.

The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg is one of humankind’s immortal questions and it is a question that goes back as far as the ancients.  Greek historian Mestrius Plutarchus wrote; “The problem about the egg and the hen, which of them came first, was dragged into our talk, a difficult problem which gives investigators much trouble.”  The earliest of philosophers pondered the question with considerable depth, because to answer the question is to know the origin of humankind.

A truly fascinating and profound question in deed.  Let’s approach a possible answer from three perspectives; the chicken’s, the egg’s and neither of the two.

(1) The Chicken: If you think the chicken came first well then that would make sense right?  The chicken would “HAVE TO BE” in order for an egg to eventually exist.  This fits for creationists because a Divine will would have created the chicken first so subsequent chickens could be hatched from eggs, and this fits for evolutionists because chickens would have evolved from dinosaurs.

(2) The Egg: If you think the egg came first then this would be pragmatic, evolutionary thinking and speaking of evolution, since it applies to the topic, what exactly is it?    Evolution is the gradual, generational mutation of a species over time.  Now, dinosaurs have been laying eggs long before chickens were on the scene, and chickens just didn’t materialize from a cosmic aether so they had to evolve from dinosaurs.  However this evolutionary change wouldn’t happen throughout a dinosaur’s hunting, eating and terrorizing day… other words  the dinosaur wouldn’t wake up one morning and find she was a chicken.  This change would take place during the embryonic stage with in the egg due to chemical, biological, genetic, physical and environmental changes inherited from the dinosaur.  The egg and it’s gradually evolving embryo would be laid and hatched, then another, and another, and another, and another until a chicken eventually poked it’s beak out clucked.  – Corny I know.

(3) Neither: Well this is an interesting point to consider and here’s why.  Human evolution postulates that humankind (homo-sapiens, you and me) evolved from early hominids or…early apes 5 – 7 million years ago.  Now many religious, spiritual, philosophical and even academic perspectives take issue with the theory of human evolution for a great many reasons.  One reason is based on a very common-sense-like question and that is, “where are the bones”?  Sure, archeology and paleontology have over time unearthed some amazing and significant finds that lend to, or from particular points-of-view substantiate the theory of human evolution.  We’ve all heard of the “missing link” which is the evolutionary skeletal system scientist continue to search for that will link early hominid to current homo-sapiens, proving in fact that humankind did in fact evolve from ape.

To date there is no missing link, although in fairness…there have been some very compelling finds, but nothing definitive. 

Now I have no training or schooling in archeology, paleontology, forensic pathology or anthropology and…this is just me here, but besides unearthing relatively complete skeletal systems in a localized area that are either definitively ape, human and sure…a few others that are in-between or all together different, plopping a bunch of fossilized ape heads on a chain of mixed human and ape bones just because the fames and hinges line up does not demonstrate the chain of evolution for me anyway.  

Again, evolution means the gradual genetic, biological, chemical and physical change of a species.  In both cases of the chicken and the egg and human beings, shouldn’t there be thousands if not millions of skeletal remains in various stages of  evolutionary development buried all over the place.  Well, there  isn’t but again in fairness, there are many reasonable explanations for this, however…should the “Missing Link” have turned up by now?  If not…IT, what about one of its clearly distinguishable mutating cousins?

I don’t know, I find many aspects of human evolution suspect, but this reasoning stands for the cosmic chicken and egg because evolution is a slow and steady process.  One of the evolutionary cousins between the dinosaur and the chicken would have been the species to have laid the egg that would hatch the chicken as we know it today.   So…techically in direct relation to the chick and the egg neither came first but some off shoot mutation between the chicken and the dinosaur. 

Now let’s bring the discussion full circle.  An interesting scientific fact: Egg shells can not be reproduced outside the species that laid the egg.  According to a paper written by British researchers  (“Structural Control of Crystal Nuclei by an Eggshell Protein”)who conducted an experiments on egg shells, they determined that the “crystal nuclei” proves that the chicken came first.


June 18, 2010


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According to the Bible, when God needed to punish or kill someone…he sent an angel.  I’ve often wondered what these creatures might be like and as I considered the concept I asked myself…do I really want to know?  Just imagine a creature that spends it’s entire existence praising it’s God…doing it’s Master’s bidding WITH pride, passion and without question.  A creature bred to spill blood in the most horrible and unimaginable ways as it heralds the word of God.

Ask yourself; would you ever really want to see an angel?  I wouldn’t.  Not Ever!

I have also wondered what it would be like if God got sick of it all of our crap and decided to start over.  The thought of a legion of angels descending from Heaven to do just that, to purge our world of human life was enough to give me the chills.  Interestingly, a few days ago I saw a movie titled: LEGION.  The movie is about just that, God looses his faith in humanity and orders his angels to exterminate the human race.  This is tasked to one of Gods highest ranking angels in his army, Michael who is played by Paul Bettany.  However, (and it is unclear if God factors this variable into his plans or not, I assume he has) amid the plans for human extinction, a child is about to be born to a mother who doesn’t want it.  This child will be the ONE who leads what remains of humanity out of the darkness that is to come.  Michael has a profound conflict with his orders and decides to disobey God.

Michael descends from heaven to see that the child is born and protected and as a General in Gods Army, he knows the details of how the impending attack from Heaven will be executed.  A legion of angels will descend from heaven, possessing the week minded and killing those who who are strong willed and cannot be possessed.

Michael knows where the mother carrying the unborn savior is and gathers enough weapons to take on a sizable invasion force.  He commandeers transportation and heads out to the desert of Las Vegas to a run down gas and go dinner in the middle of no where, owned by a curmudgeon played by Dennis Quad.  Michael arrives at the dinner after it’s staff and customers have had their first confrontation with one of Heaven’s possessed humans.  Michael tells these few about the attack that is to come and arms them to the teeth in the hopes of buying enough time so the child can be born safely.

But God is not pleased when the Michael and the humans look as if they might succeed, so God sends the highest of all angels in his army, Gabriel played by Kevin Durand to deal with Michael’s betrayal.  The confrontation between the Archangels is nothing short of brutal and frightening.

As far as entertainment goes, the movie is a good one and I highly recommend it, but from a philosophical perspective, it really makes you think.  If there is a God and the bible is humankind’s representation of his will and plan, then we as a civilization have to be in the orbit of Gods wrath.  If nothing else, the polution and/or imbalance of Life Force Energy must be nearing its spill point.  2012 prophecy and/or paranoia aside, many feel and have felt for some time that a change is coming.  Something is lurking in the horizon and it feels as if its ready to come forth…and soon.

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