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July 10, 2011

Words, Definitions, Jedi

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Listened and participated on the Blog talk Show last night. People Talking about unification, Jedi and how one word can mean many things to diffrent individuals.

These are pointless subjects.

Why waste time talking about what a Jedi is, or isnt and just be a Jedi? Unification? Is this really a priority? For what? do the Jedi ned to be unified to do the work of a Jedi?

Ah, but then, thats the crux of it isnt it….

People want to talk about being Jedi, rather then being Jedi. Then theres also the popular conversations about the distinction between jediiism and Jediists? Jedi realists? …whatever.

Why define yourself by words when you can more clearly say who and what you are by action. Words have power, and are important for communication, but there is also a point where they are doing more harm then good.

Such is the current position of the Jedi path. Its been over a decade of talk, no doubt there will be more….

However its those with actions that will define a path.

Look at the Church of Jediism. Love them or hate them, there the ones getting the press through actions. Note, I did not say it was good press, but there you have it.

You have to be the change you want to see in the world.

April 25, 2011

Thoughts on Codes

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Noone needs a code to follow right conduct. All one needs is a heart. Sometimes right conduct means you fight. Something most Jedi do not realize is you wont always like doing the right thing. Sometimes, you don’t get to feel good about the choices you make. This is where most modern Jedi I meet are imherenly selfish. They have not yet realized the good, to do good,does not always mean the good of myself. Sometimes it isnt ” Do what you want.” But ” Do what you must.”This is the core of understanding sacrifice. It isn’t always about you, you, you.

Its not feelings that do the justifications, nor emotions, but the mind. I believe one must marry passion and reason to effect honest expression. I simply feel that many Jedi have too much mind and not enough heart. Take any jedi code, its of little use no matter how well you can intellectualize it, which is done to death, full of revisions,etc, but that is not enough.What i fail to see the most of the time are those who carry those words in there heart. Many Jedi speak on how passion and emotions are a part of the Light as well….I would agree, but respond with saying, is not the same as doing. Our words count as actions in theis meduim, and I find one things that most Jedi, or Lights side practitioners lack, is the ability to project there emotion and passion into there words much of the time. If you cannot project your emotions into your words, how can you into your life?

January 17, 2011

Current understanding of the Jedi path

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Posted this at Oots January 5, 2011 Thought it would perhaps be good food for thought…

While I don’t hold anything against Jedi realists per se, as ultimately what they do does not effect me or my path.. I do view it as ultimately unhealthy to the individual, and as a group, bogged down by relativity and passive aggressive tendencies, while simultaneosly wishing for and making attempts at authoritarianism. Thus making noone an authority, and yet everyone seems to be able to tell another what it isn’t. Half the conversations consists of one person posting while five others either agree with it, or compliment it in some way. Then its treated as a hassle when its questioned, though even when questions are answered they are regurgitated platitudes of other paths wisdom.Making any attempts at understanding it at all fairly pointless…… Much less being understood in turn, but still, nothing has ever been accomplished by apathy.

Though admittedly there are a handfull of individuals that seem to have done something constructive with it, so I suppose that’s something…..

Of course, I do not view this as a preconception, but simply my experience in dealing with Jedi in the communities for several years. When they start proving me wrong consistently ill really evaluate my stance.

Ironies and hypocracies

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Recent events have shown that people lack the attentions span, and apparently the time( though they can spend days arguing a forum funnily enough) to dedicate to that form of study apparently. Though if that is the case, and they cant dedicate time to study by listening intently, one wonders how they have time for any serious study in any venue at all written or otherwise, what and all the professed meditation, you think they could spare some…. Lol , sorry. I think you see my point though….. All I ever hear is how much work an dedication it takes to be a Jedi, and then when something is offered that consists of people discussing and dissecting the path seriously, it is spurned. The willfull ignorance here sickens me…Though I think it did go a long way to exposing things currently wrong with the Jedi path….and I didnt even get a thank you… A h well.

December 15, 2010


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I never really ever thought I would have a need or point to starting a blog on a “Light” oriented site.  Not untill recently, in regards to certain choice discussions and debates about and around the Jedi and Light paths.I thought I would give one Darkies  perspective and observations on the  various Light paths. I dont know exactly why I do this, other than it may generate usfull discussions and shows and perhaps help me understand the complexities(and hypocracies) of this path. It is an experiement really, I have a personal intrest to see what may come of this, if anything.

Feel free to  respond here or in the forums as you wish, as I would welcome and clarifications and discussions this miht bring. Know that i dont claim to be objective, non-judgeental, or unbiased. In fact I am quite the opposite.

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