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August 5, 2012

So I ate some chicken…

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I support same sex marriages. I know by stating such I open the floodgates of idiocracy by those who think they know something. However, this nonsense of one person’s sense of morality taking precedence over another’s choice of lifestyle has become absurd.

1) The meaning of marriage has changed. It’s no longer what fundamentalists feel it is, but rather a tax status. Marriage for some has nothing to do with uniting two people in the eyes of some god, unless you worship Uncle Sam. Allowing people to publicly announce their relationship together in no way affects or stains anyone else, nor does it reflect badly on any contrived institution; it does not make your marriage less valuable. They are doing nothing that hurts anyone else but themselves, so there is no legal ground to stand on.

2) The bible isn’t the foundation of this country. The myth of freedom demands that homosexuals be allowed to do as they wish. Haters, in return, are not placed into position to accept this. You are free to hate as much as your little black heart is content. However, your rights end just as theirs does. There is no moral ground to stand on once you venture outside of your territory and into someone else’s; their morality then reigns just as yours does in your life.

3) Sex is more recreation than procreation. No arguments will be entertained from hypocrites concerning biological mandates or creation myths.

4) Maybe the terminology is to blame. Why not call them civil unions? But here’s another thing I don’t support. The bible specifically condemns homosexuality. It is beyond me why homosexuals want to get married within such an organization. The reason they give is that Christianity is their faith. If that is so, a major reconciliation of philosophy is in order! The options are A) Go to the justice of the peace to get your license and have some ceremony of your own or other religion that doesn’t frown upon it. 2) Start a gay church where some passages of the bible are overlooked or justified away as human error, and get married there. Whichever option you choose, don’t expect the world to accommodate you into their morality; you have no rights there just like they don’t in yours.

July 21, 2012

Protected: Assignment 2.2

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Protected: Assignment 2.1

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July 4, 2012

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June 22, 2012

A rip in the veil

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We’ve all been there. A cold with a head full of snot that keeps running down into the lungs, sleepless nights of coughing and spitting, fatigue, and general unfettered misery. During such extraordinary circumstances we can catch a glimpse of something very ordinary.

The story goes that last night was my sleepless night. I ended up passing out in the recliner in my office so that my wife could sleep. Just after nodding off, she brings her bright-eyed and bushy tailed self into the office to check facebook before going to work. My thoughts being as incoherent as they were in the sleep deprived, puss-filled state, I gave it no attention. Two hours later I wake up coughing and was a very grouchy person.

I could’t believe how inconsiderate she had been. I moved rooms to let her sleep and she woke me up right after I nodded off, for what? Facebook? Doesn’t she know I’m sick? Doesn’t she know every moment of my life is excruciating? Sleep would be my only refuge and she takes it from me? You get the picture. I even blamed her for misplacing my roll of toilet paper, the one I had moved several hours prior.

Now it may be obvious to the reader, but what I was experiencing was pity. However, it may not be so clear the next time you are sick or in pain. After swallowing my own pill (among other stuff), I have concluded that pity is compassion; it just takes on petty characteristics when done poorly. Truth was, I was miserable and looking to place blame. Another quality of pity, especially self pity, is that it can be debilitating. It’s a hard thing to “see” past, and if it is allowed to form your reality then you’ll never run short of people to blame.

Must be off, time to soak in the tub. 😉

June 6, 2012

my meditation

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April 26, 2012

Weight Chart 2/24/12

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2/15/12 - 4/25/12

April 25, 2012

When to quit.

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The above image is minesweeper. Until yesterday, it was a great waste of my time. I liked to play, but the fun had left it. I played from obligation. Pages are slow to load on dial-up internet, so I can usually clear out a board within opening two or three pages. But those were not the only times I played. Sometimes I would sit for hours attempting to beat my record. You see, I’ve beaten minesweeper on the expert level on two consecutive boards, and had convinced myself that three consecutive wins would prove, once and for all, that I am master of the minesweeper. My wife, she noted my arbitrary number. This was easily justifiable by the addicts “just one more” line as I explained that 3 is a very important number. BS.

As my interest in becoming productive increases, I find wastes of time like this to be less appealing. I played my last game and laughed as the mines exploded. And although that nagging voice would have me believe that I have been defeated, I am reminded that if playing is a complete and joyless waste of time, the only master of minesweeper is one that doesn’t play.

In remedy, I have been looking for time management skills. Another irony is that, outside of astrophysics, time itself is a constant that cannot be managed. All attempts of doing so are actually management of focus. This is another return to basics.

My plan is to establish a list. It will be an outline type list which will show the breakdown from general areas I’d like to address such as yard work or KoA related tasks all the way down to very specific tasks like cut wood and schedule a show. I know myself fairly well and tend to work best in two hour work blocks before getting burned out on any one thing. The rotation will be attended very loosely. If I’m enjoying the work and can complete a task, then it shall be done. Otherwise, at a two hour mark other projects will be worked on. Projects will alternate between very physical activities with lighter ones so that tedious tasks give my body a resting period and physical activities will likewise give my mind a break from thought. Another critical point I’d like to mention is zen. Not the mystical kind, the clearing of my mind from all the things that need to be done so that all of me can be used on the task at hand. Having written said outline, there is no need to hang onto everything and let it bog me down. I work on what I am doing until done, then onto something else. If interruptions which require reaction like phone calls occur, the current project will be placed on hold until that has been taken care of. Luckily, I have enough room so that tools and materials can be stowed quickly which will reduce the time it takes to switch from one task to another. This brings me to my next point: fluidity. Physically I can move very quickly from one task to another without hesitation. I find the pressure to think quickly reduces my quality of thought and I will be working on that while doing everything mentioned above. Lastly, I’m no robot and I know all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. There will be plenty of that, rest assured. But, it will remain isolated from when I’m working so that I can monitor my productivity.

This post has been filed under product development. I am the product.

April 16, 2012

Conversations with myself

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Ying: Could we say this is an emotion? It seems to me this arises from beyond the mind…

David: Such a tantalizing concept that one could have no possible way of knowing.
Is it so hard to believe that the mind is that encompassing?

Ying: Of course, the mind is very encompassing, but not in the context I was using it. Here, I only meant thought and emotion, and emotion arising from thought or unconscious conditioning. To me, that doesn’t encompass the arising of inner peace or calm from a space of “no-thought”, though, if it does for you please let me in on how. 😛

David: I’m sure your training with Master Raven will eventually cover such esoterics. However, I reached it through trance, more precisely lucid dreaming.

I floated in an amniotic void. There were no directions and everything was solid black. I could see myself, my body, suspended in nothingness. Of note, a pervading silence made all experiences of what I had until that point called no-mind seem like white noise turned to full volume. To my side appeared a 4 inch tv screen in which an ongoing dream was being presented. To look at the screen was to hear the contents; to look away made all fall silent. I eventually entered into the dream, but the void has intrigued me since. In that place I still am, have never left, and will return when I die.

The above example is working with firewalls, but it can be done on a global level within one’s self. Good luck remembering it though.

To speak in terms we’ve exchanged before, you simply change the seat of identity (perception) from the wave to the ocean. Doing so doesn’t let you know everything as one might speculate. It takes you into a place where all memory, time, and space disappear.

There are many degrees. Go even deeper and even the experience of awareness dissipates. Some examples at various stages: If Ying is a picture projected on a silver screen, who or what is the silver screen? Ying is. Martial artists can experience a certain state during a fight; and, it is still their mind (albeit totally silent yet uberfunctional) that can beat you or get beaten. Experienced drivers with sleep deprivation will drive home and not remember how they got there, yet their car is in the driveway. While this technically constitutes a memory problem, also consider that your current question of how you are not the no-thought calm is one also. Have you ever experienced being knocked out? It feels like that, without the pain, when you come back. (unplugged) While not a suggestable goal, it is what it is.

All of these states are created by the mind, just as you are finding out a cluttered, shallow thinking mind is also. The only difference is how well you can identify what you are experiencing as a product of yourself.

As above so below

Ying: I see O.O

Am I right to say your pointing to the t.v screen to be who I am truly, if the conceptual self of me is held by the t.v screen?

If it is, I see what you are saying entirely. I am reluctant to use another reference to Tolle’s teaching, but its the same as what he refers to when he uses the analogy of a projector screen to point to our true selves beyond form. I’ll see if I can find the video…

Here it is: Eckhart appears and talks at around 11 minutes in.

Eckart Tolle on YouTube

David: Yes, I think you do. I will go farther for clarity:

They are both you. It’s just a matter of where you reside, where you are looking, and which one you identify with as self. Tolle is right in “I am”. Most people are trapped inside an image being projected on a screen. They spend their whole lives looking for something outside the screen by looking far and wide within it. Others attempt to step out. They think they reside in “I am” but dependence on the focus of I-amness is indicative that they have not. And then there are those that make it, get bored, and choose to return as “bodhisattvas”. I am well aware that I exist beyond the veil – and choose to temporarily reside in this form as much as possible because its impermanence makes it special. Thus, the journey of the tarot both begins and ends with the fool.


The Fool0- THE FOOL

Know naught!

All ways are lawful to innocence.

Pure folly is the key to initiation.

Silence breaks into rapture.

Be neither man nor woman, but both in one.

Be silent, babe in the egg of blue, that thou mayest grow to bear the lance and graal!

Wander alone, and sing! In the Kings Palace his daughter awaits thee.

Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley

April 10, 2012

My heroes and Me

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We have lost the ability to become great in a mythological sense. Society has pushed the envelope of every frontier such that advancement requires specialists who spend a lifetime for one breakthrough in one specific arena. The day of the common man’s ability to blaze his own trail is over, and we are left longing for not greatness but simpler times when we could have been great.

There are a few problems with this:

1) What we were given as fundamentals were the results of previous trail blazing. This means had we lived during simpler times, we would not have the advantage of our present hind-sight. If we are starting where they left off, how could we expect results then if we can’t expect them now? It’s interesting how everything new always feels like the first time.

2) Contrary to popular belief – mythological heroes, by definition, were uncommon. For every hero passed down to us from the ancients there are millions of normal people that lived, toiled, and died without notice. There is little difference today; even Mother Theresa is waiting for sainthood. This inconvenient truth helps polarize the ideal from any specific hero as being ideal does not necessarily yield rich, famous, or powerful by today’s standards.

3) Given the specificity of each heroic achievement, no accomplished individual can escape the critical eye of a meta-tagged, global culture. Does being a professional football player, Olympic athlete, humanitarian, soldier, or technology developer alone insure authentic heroism? The nature of the specificity takes away from the well-roundedness of character. In a mythological sense, we are only capable of being a one-pony-hero that dies on contact with anything outside of that one extraordinary skill.

4) The model for greatness, by definition, must be modeled by society. While one can be great to a few people, on a mythological scale it counts for nothing. There have been many people that lived and died unappreciated by their culture only to be understood and celebrated much later. This could start many conversations in itself, but for now I present it as a paradox of attempting to define oneself in such a way that requires definition by others. In total there are 3 choices of negotiation. A) Strategic position within what is selling. B) Do your thing larger than life and hope others jump on board. C) The hybrid – fake or compromise with what is selling until fame allows enough leverage to return to or reveal your true nature. Of note, option A only works if one willing to align with the sellable. Option B is the long shot and is used exclusively by true contenders of illusory greatness. Option C is a most despicable trade of constitution for notoriety wherein public definition has dominated self-definition.

My conclusions:

The pedagogical function of heroism is found in how to live one’s life. It has never been truly achieved by anyone, but is still useful for inspiration. This means “the ideal” is, by definition, what we think it is. The shortage crisis of heroes is a proportionate result of a mythological shortage. When the crowds roar with each person trying to be heard, bake a loaf of bread and sell them sandwiches.

Who knows; ya might get famous.

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