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Getting Started  


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, and important information members & students may find helpful.



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Q. Is the Order of Ashla Knights an organized faith based group, its philosophy a religion?  


A. As you read in the academy welcome message, we are a spiritual organization that welcomes individuals of all faiths or truth-seeking paths.  Our philosophy is comprised of many aspects of various religions, disciplines and philosophy’s of thought and living.  Committed to the service and charity of others, Ashla Knights as an organization and as individuals strive to achieve inner betterment, and growth of moral and spiritual character. 


Q. Is there a monetary cost to participate in the Academy or on the website in general?

A. NO.  Membership for academy enrollment and web-community participation is free of charge.




About Ashla Knights Academy



Q. Is this site and community safe?


A. We do our absolute best to see that it is.  Ashla Knights faculty, administration and moderation teams are either Ashla Knights Academy graduates and Senior Members who are trusted long time members dedicated and/or sensitive to the ideals and standards of Ashla Knights.  They are bound to the highest level of responsibility, integrity, accountability and transparency when in management of site, community operations and member interaction.  They are steadfast in their commitment to maintaining a respectful, mature and safe online environment and experience for all members.  (Please See Site Rules).


Q. How do I go about applying or registering enrollment in the Academy? 


A. Ashla Knights maintains an open, and free of charge admissions policy.  Members interested in enrollment can download an Ashla Knights Application for Academy Enrollment from the download section on our website.  Please complete, scan and  email your application to: Ashla Knights Academy and in the subject line please write: Application for Academy Enrollment: and your Ashla Knights Screen Name. 


NOTE:  Providing information that is misleading about your age (or any other material about yourself) to gain immediate approval and entry into the academy is a breach of the academic honor code.  (See Academic Honor Code).



Ashla Knights Administration does not have access to member passwords on any site platform.  All information we do collect is kept private and confidential!

(See Ashla Knights Privacy Policy)



Q. How will I know I have been accepted?


A. After careful consideration, approved or denied you will receive a reply email thanking you for your statement of intent indicating your enrollment disposition and providing the name of the instructor that will be working with you if approved.


Q. If denied enrollment in the academy, can I still be a member of the site?


A. Yes.


Q.  I was a student here when the old academic program was up and running.  Will I have to start over?


A. Yes.  All Ashla Knights students prior to June 2009 that are rejoining the site and seeking enrollment in the academy should note the following changes:  

Students between the ranks of “Apprentice Level 1 and Learner Level 2" will need to start from the beginning using the new curriculum. 

Students that have reached the rank of “Learner Level 3” will be automatically approved to take the Trials, where 1 Trial Exercise will be a mandatory audit of the new curriculum.  


Students approved to take the Trials and those currently negotiating their Trials will be permitted to start and/or finish them.


Q. Do I have to be a certain age, religion, race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation to join the site community or academic student body? What if I have a disability?


A. Members must be 17 years of age to be eligible for academy enrollment.  For general site membership and participation, Ashla Knights maintains an open membership policy regardless of age, race, gender or sex.  Members under the age of 17 years of age seeking academy enrollment must provide proof of parental or guardian consent.  This will require both a audio/video net conference and a signed authorization. 


Q. What requirements, material or prerequisites should I have before I begin my training?


1.      We require you to select (if you do not already have one) a charitable organization, group or cause you would like to commit some of your time to.  Then provide us with the contact information (name, address, phone and person) of the organization or group you have chosen.  As a student, you will donate some of your time while enrolled in the academy, how much time you donate is up to you.

2.      We provide the lectures instructors needed to complete the assignments.  However, you are welcomed to use any related sources and material you like. 

3.      As far as preparations go, an open mind, a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and help others is an excellent start.


Q. Can I consult with other students about lectures, material and assignments?


A. Student interaction is always welcomed as long as it is respectful and appropriate, however we encourage advanced questions about assignments or lecture interpretation be directed to an instructor.


Q. I am a member of a site community that has a policy of direct master to apprentice training.  Do you have that policy here?  Can I request a master or instructor to train me privately?


A. Ashla Knights does not practice nor permit an official, one on one, long-term master to apprentice relationship of any kind.  Members that join the site with their master and interact on site as such are free to do so.  Ashla Knights Masters and Instructors do not accept apprentices for direct training so please do not ask.  The Order of Ashla Knights assumes no responsibility for the behavior and actions of members that meet on site and decide to establish a relationship for this practice off site.


Q. Are there exceptions to this?


A. If you are a member, residing outside the United States with limited English background and a member that is bi-lingual has offered to help you with the lectures and the assignments be they an instructor, master, member or fellow student, this could be cause for consideration. 


Q. I am a perspective student but my relative or partner is an instructor here at Ashla Knights and I would feel more at ease working him or her; can I request a special consideration be granted here? 


A. No, we apologize but familial and/or romantic relationships provide no cause or exception to practice a master to apprentice relationship at Ashla Knights. 


Q. What kind of effort and quality are my assignments expected to represent?


A. How your assignment is presented and how well it reads provide a strong indication that the material is understood, it shows you care a great deal about the quality of your work and that your serious about achieving Knighthood.  All assignments submitted should reflect a basic standard of quality such as:


  • Clearly and appropriately titled.
  • Double-spaced with new paragraph indent.
  • Subtitles or new sections underlined and or boldfaced.
  • Have your thoughts well organize so your report reads with a logical progression.
  • Proper capitalization and punctuation.
  • Check your spelling (spell-check) and reread your work for grammar.
  • Provide references to all material from other sources used.
  • Microsoft word is preferred but if you do not have Microsoft Windows Office a note pad will be fine.  But please no Power Point presentations, graphics or multi-media of any kind.  Just your typed report.


Q. Where do I email my assignments?


A. Click: Ashla Knights Academy in the subject line type: Completed Assignment – (and the title of you assignment)


Q. How do you grade the assignments? 


A. Assignments are not graded, they are reviewed and either approved or denied.  The lecture material is for your consideration.  Your understanding and interpretation of the material is what we are looking for. 


Q. Do I wait to hear if my assignment was approved before I move to the next?

A. Yes.  Please do not progress to the next lecture/assignment until you know the disposition of your submitted report. 


Q. How is a disciplinary issue handled within the academy?  Is it possible to be expelled from the academy?


A. Yes, it is possible to be expelled from Ashla Knights.  Actions that violate the student honor code (see Academic Honor Code) require an immediate Discipline Council to determine the appropriate reprimand.  Reprimands can range from a verbal and/or written warning, to expulsion from the academy and dismissal from the Ashla Knights community.  Conduct and the treatment toward others that is rude, improper, inappropriate and/or offensive are causes for a discipline council.


Plagiarism for example, whether it is intentional or unintentional, is a serious breach of the Ashla Knights Student Honor Code is cause for a discipline council.  We define plagiarism in the following ways:


1.      Word for word plagiarism.

2.      The stealing of another student’s assignment.

3.      The submission of an altered or rearranged assignment that is not yours.

4.       If using web-based information as a source or reference such as Wikipedia,,, etc., keep in mind that someone took the time and effort to populate and/or contribute to the topic you are using as source, so credit the site and author(s).  If the author of the content is not credited, then credit the site.  If your work relies solely on these sources, cross-referenced the information you intend to use.


Instructors read all assignments so please do not try it!


Knighthood Thesis 


Once you have finished your core academic and practical training, you will be required to write your “knighthood thesis”.  A knighthood thesis is your final written assignment, which encompasses (in original thought) all aspects that total the sum of your interpretation, understanding and application of the philosophy of Ashla Knights.  


About the Trials



Q. What are the Trials?


A. Upon completion of the academic portion of the academy, your instructor will submit your name for consideration to under go the Trials.  The Trials are a series of tests instructors agree upon that are uniquely prepared to challenge student’s understanding and application of the philosophy, practice and path of Ashla Knights.  Upon successful completion of the Trials, the student is elevated to the level of Ashla Knight.



About Knighthood



Q. As an Ashla Knight, what charges or responsibilities will I be entrusted with?


As an Ashla Knight, you are the physical representation and extension of the Order of Ashla Knights.  Your responsibility is to practice and pass on what you have learned as you live your path.  Continue to give charity and service, always protect the weak and the innocent.  You are to do no harm nor league with those who do and provide aid and comfort when you can.  As a Knight, you are a constant example of moral and ethical conduct, a spiritual beacon of light, hope and inspiration to those around you.



A Knight's Charge


1.      Always the security and integrity of the Order. 

2.      To always, abide the code of conduct, the will and rule of the High Council and that of your elder Masters. 

3.      To maintain fellowship and good relations with your brother and sister knights, and to be a guide that sets an example for those who will come after you.


Please refer to this section as it is periodically updated.  Should you have any additional questions or concerns please PM any instructor or send an email to: Ashla Knights Academy. 



Master Thompson

Master Soulstar

Master Bane



Written by

Derek M. Thompson

Ashla Master


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