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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Order of Ashla Knights' on-line Academy.  I know that once you begin to explore the tenets of our philosophy you will find them insightful and useful when implemented in to your daily living.  Ashla Knight's mission of service, support and charity is inspired by fraternal orders such as the Knights Templar, Free Masons, Knights of Columbus and spiritual groups such as Japanese Samurai, Shoalin and Tibetan Monks. 


The philosophy of Ashla Knights is based on aspects of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion.  Our mission and philosophy are intended to complement one's established philosophical ideology and preferred faith, not replace it.  The philosophy of Ashla Knights is designed to inspire growth and betterment of character and because of this, our philosophy and practice is a recommended life path and not a religion. 


Before we can connect and/or commune with the life sustaining power of existence, we must first know some basics about the universe.  In short, one can not truly understand a thing unless one examines a thing and when we examine the complexity of the universe, we are rewarded with insight and other words, true understanding into the subtleties of creation and life.  In essence, we begin to understand ourselves and our place within the great cosmic circle and when we do, it is at this moment we become most sensitive to Life Force Energy.  It is by no slight of hand, no trick of perception that knowledge and understanding begins with us and for this we must take great care.  For with in all of us is the capacity for compassion and generosity, wickedness and cruelty and so we must double our efforts in cultivating calm and peacefulness for our thoughts, motives and deeds have the power to betray us.  They can generate force strong enough to affect our reality and greatly influence our connection and communion with Life Force Energy.  Ashla Knights understand that how they philosophically negotiate and spiritually reconcile the world around them...directly influences their alignment with the universe and Life Force Energy.


It is not an easy thing.  It is a daily struggle to be mindful of our thoughts and not do the wrong or evil thing, yet sometimes the divide between right and wrong is not always so great or even clear.  This is like many things in life we tend to associate as either "black or white", familiar absolutes we often trust the quality of our thoughts, motives and deeds to define.  However this perception is limited for the "gray" area in between can often cause our perceptions of absolutes to become subjective, thus enabling fear, confusion and conflict.  To help resolve this; the Philosophy of Ashla Knights emphasizes critical thinking skills, logic and reason, philosophical orientation and/or spiritual direction so that one might discern the right choices from the wrong choices...even in the most ethically conflictive and morally ambiguous situations.  


Human beings are not perfect and it is not our endeavor to make you perfect.  In unique circumstances making mistakes can be just as important as making good, sound choices.  We learn, grow and become stronger, wiser and hopefully better individuals from all of life’s experiences.  Living a perfect life should not be the goal, striving to be just a bit better day by day in as many aspects of your life as possible is a good goal to have. We believe that learning to think and act in a peaceful, calm and patient way greatly resolves inner conflict and confusion.  The philosophy, practice and path of Ashla Knights is about striving to achieve harmony in life, which is the first step to establishing a healthy communion and positive alignment with Life Force Energy. 


Here, instructors are committed and dedicated to your spiritual growth and betterment for at one time, they themselves walked the path of learning you walk now.  Ashla Instructors are knowledgeable and experienced but most importantly, they are patient and compassionate.  They continually strive to foster a philosophical yet practical, spiritual environmental so you the student can explore, learn and grow. 


It your intent to embark upon the path of an Ashla Knight, please take a moment and read through the next three sections, Introduction, Getting Started and the Academic Honor Code.






Derek M. Thompson

Ashla Master - Academy Head Instructor

The Order of Ashla Knights





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