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Proclamations Of Ashla Knighthood



In recognition of the hard work and personal sacrifice the students of Ashla Knights have put forth in attaining Knighthood, we the High Council of Ashla Knights commemorate their steadfast devotion by displaying the accomplishment they have so dutifully achieved for all to see.  These former students have negotiated the tedium of academy procedure not because they were required to do so, but because they chose to do so. 


On their own time they have challenged themselves intellectually, philosophically and spiritually.  For their own betterment they have chosen to unlearn what they have learned, to released their preferred methods of examination and adopt a well-rounded perspective.  In an effort to achieve harmony and balance they have chosen to work toward the unification of mind, body and spirit. They have chosen righteousness…they have chosen the side of Light and in doing so, they have learned to be critical while maintaining an open mind.  They have learned to be patient, tolerate and understanding as they embark upon the mission of charity, support and service.


For these students their formal training is complete but their learning is far from over.  For the rest of their days they will continue to learn and one day these few, proud and honored Knights will become Masters...future leaders of the Order of Ashla Knights.  To the young and eager they will be mentors, to the brash and reckless they will be counselors and to the unaware or uninformed they will be teachers.  That day will come soon enough, but today is their day to celebrate their achievement, to contemplate the oath they have given to the Order and prepare for the missions that lay ahead. 


The corner stones of Ashla Knights philosophy, the pillars of our practice and the essence of our path: 

















Together, these comprise the...






...of Ashla Knights



The path of Ashla is a noble and honorable one, but it is also a very difficult one.  The path these Knights have chosen is not for everyone for it is a path of sacrifice, hardship and at times...loneliness.  The burden of Light is upon he or she who carries the title Ashla Knight and so we place our faith in the Philosophy, Practice and Path of our ideology.  We trust in the righteousness of our mission and we rely upon our brother and sister Knights and Masters for together, we are greater then the sum of our parts.  Together we are without measurement, restriction, condition or definition...we are in concert, a perfect union without illusion, confusion or conflict.  May the grace and glory of the Universe shine upon us always for we are Ashla Knights, servants of the Light.



Written by

Derek M. Thompson

Ashla Master





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