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Upon completion of the Ashla Knight’s “required curriculum”, for those students who have completed the Ashla Knight’s Trials and achieved Knighthood, continuing education is required.  Once every quarter or (3) three months, Ashla Knights can choose “electives”, which are subjects and courses related to the Ashla Knights Philosophy taught by one or more instructors.  Students can take any combination of electives up to three at a time, which is (1) one course per month. 


The instructor(s) comprise elective subjects and courses, which can be in various formats such as:


  1. The Lecture Course – the instructor provides lectures and assignments with minimal interaction.
  2. The Seminar – knights prepare and present their original written work for discussion and critique.
  3. The Reading Course – the instructor assigns readings for each quarter, which is then discussed by all.
  4. The Tutorial Course(1) one or a small number of knights work on a topic and meet with the instructor weekly for discussion and guidance.
  5. The Field Course – most of the course takes place as a group in the field.


Ashla Knights and/or Ashla Masters teach the electives.  If you find that it is an Ashla Knight and not an Ashla Master that is teaching your course, you are to afford them every respect and courteously you would a master.  Networking software will be employed for many of the collaborative and/or group courses.  Electives are graded by a basic “pass” or “fail” classification and should a knight fail an elective he or she will be require to retake the course until it is successfully negotiated.



Written By

Derek M. Thompson

Ashla Master




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