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The Order of Ashla Knights offers a basic academic program for students to pursue intellectual, philosophical and spiritual knowledge, while they engage in a broad range of exercises and practices essential for an Ashla Knight to undertake their service to the Order and execute their missions. 


Training & Content:  The mission of the Order of Ashla Knights is one of service, support and charity.  After your enrollment application has been approved and before you approach your first assignment, you must select, (if you do not have one already) a charitable organization, group or cause in which you would like to commit some of your time for the duration of your training.  Provide us with the contact information (contact information, address, and phone) for the organization you have chosen; exactly how much time you donate is up to you.


The Ashla Way is comprised of three parts, philosophy, practice and path.  Lectures are written specifically for each aspect, they provide students with the core tenets, precepts and teachings of our philosophy.  Subjects and topics range between the academic, philosophical and spiritual.  The lectures parallel many faiths, religions and disciplines of Light and are not representations or endorsements of any specific path.  The philosophy of Ashla Knights is a culmination of knowledge and wisdom extracted from many sources. 


NOTE: Assignments in each section are to be done one at a time.  Each assignment section is comprised of a series of questions which are your assignments.  Go slowly and negotiate each question/assignment one at a time


Assignment Guideline:  Assignments are not graded.  Training masters review assignments to be sure they are congruent with the lecture material and to certify comprehension of the material.  If there is a problem or question with your assignment, a training master will reach out to you.  How your assignment is presented speaks to your level of seriousness and commitment in achieving knighthood.  Assignments submitted should reflect a basic standard of quality such as:


  • A minimum of two (2) pages for all assignments
  • Proper titles
  • Proper paragraph structure, spacing and subtitles
  • Subtitles for new sections boldfaced and/or underlined 
  • Organized and cohesive thought progression
  • Proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Check your spelling (spell-check) and reread your work for grammar
  • Provide sources for all material referenced  
  • Plagiarized material or the cannibalization of another student assignment will not be tolerated 
  • Microsoft word is preferred but if you do not have Microsoft Windows Office, a note pad will be fine.  Please no Power Point presentations, graphics or multi-media of any kind, just the report.


Assignment Submissions:  Email your assignments to Ashla Knights Faculty and in the subject line type the following:  Completed Apprentice Assignment: Section (?) – Assignment No. (?).


Knighthood Thesis:  Once you have finished your core academic and practical training, you will be required to write your “knighthood thesis”.  A knighthood thesis is your final written training assignment.  This report represents the total sum of your interpretation, understanding and application of the philosophy of Ashla Knights as you understand and intend to practice it.  Unlike the standard assignments, Knighthood Theses are graded by way of “verdicts”.  To indicate the status of your thesis, the faculty will issue one of the following verdicts to your work:


1.      Accepted – Pass with no issues.

2.      Mild Revision(s) Required – Issues for correction such as numerous grammatical or spelling errors, clarification of concepts or methodology, addition of sections are required.

3.      Extensive Revision(s) Required – Issues for correction such as Serious Issues.

4.      Unacceptable – The thesis is unacceptable and the student must start again.



Knighthood Thesis Guidelines:

  • A minimum of ten (10) pages (not to include title page, introduction, closing and reference sections) of original thought based on your understanding of Ashla Knights Philosophy, Practice & Path. 
  • Proper titles
  • Proper paragraph structure, spacing and subtitles
  • Subtitles for new sections boldfaced and/or underlined 
  • Well organized thoughts and progression
  • Proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Check your spelling (spell-check) and reread your work for grammar
  • Provide sources for all material referenced   
  • Microsoft word or other word processing program only


Ashla Knights Trials:  Upon completion of your principle academic training, and a “pass verdict” on your Knighthood Dissertation, your instructors will submit your name for consideration to undergo the Trials.  The Trials are a series of tests instructors agree upon that are uniquely prepared to challenge student’s understanding and application of the philosophy, practice and path of Ashla Knights.  Upon successful completion of the Trials, the student is elevated to the level of Ashla Knight.


Trials Include (Not Limited To):


1.      Trial of the mind – Philosophy

2.      Trial of the body – Practice

3.      Trial of the spirit – Path



The Faculty:  Ashla Knight’s instructors come from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines, which account for their individual styles of teaching.  All instructors have walked the paths of student and knight before you and they are some of the most intelligent, insightful, experienced and compassionate masters with in the Order.  They are dedicated to your learning and committed to ensuring the students have the very best in content, programs and resources.  Should you have questions or require assistance, do not hesitate to contact them directly.


NOTE:  See GETTING STARTED for additional information regarding the academy. 



Written By

Derek M. Thompson

Ashla Master












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